Saturday , August 19 2017
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Passion for job is attainable even if you don’t like it

Washington D.C., Aug 22 : Researchers have suggested that there is more than one way to attain passion at work.

Lead author Patricia Chen of the University of Michigan said that people could choose to change their beliefs or strategies to cultivate passion gradually or seek compatibility from the outset, and be just as effective in the long run at achieving this coveted experience.

In the study, researchers examined people’s expectations, choices and outcomes associated with each of these two mindsets – termed as the ‘fit theory’ and ‘develop theory.’

According to the researchers, both mentalities were similarly effective at achieving vocational well-being. What differs was how they motivated people to get to this outcome.

People with the fit theory tend to select vocations that they enjoy from the outset – an indication of compatibility that is important to them.

In contrast, people with the develop theory prioritise an immediate vocational fit less, but focus on cultivating passion and fit over time.

Chen said that people were more likely to prioritise vocational characteristics other than immediate enjoyment, such as pay.

The study is published in the Journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. (ANI)