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Panchayat in Theni to impose fine on those selling plastic

Theni, Aug 19: With a view to curbing use of plastic bags, Panchayats of this district have decided to impose fine on those selling banned plastic cups and bags and using them in roadside eateries and hotels.

District Collector N.Venkatachalam said the fine amount would be very heavy up to lakh for storing plastic bags, cups etc as they caused pollution and clogged the water bodies.

A release said today that at a meeting of the panchayat officials and traders, it was decided that grocery shops and eateries should avoid plastic bags and switchover paper or cloth bags.

If they sold banned plastic goods,they would have to pay fine of up to Rs one lakh. Individual users would be fined Rs 100, while roadside vendors Rs 200.

Those who dumped garbage in water bodies would be slapped with a fine of Rs 1,000 for a first-time offence, and it would increase to Rs 10,000 if the offence was repeated.

The meeting also decided to impose fine on shops that did not separate waste into bio-degradable and non-degradable items.

The Collector said town panchayats have been asked to take measures to dispose of plastic waste safely and make manure from bio-degradable waste.