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Pakistani woman arrested in Jalandhar

Jalandhar, July 31 : Indian railway police arrest a Pakistani woman from a train in Jalandhar, Punjab, for not carrying passport, visa documents and a valid rail ticket

Twenty eight-year-old Chanda Khan said she was a resident of Karachi and had arrived in India with her uncle from Lahore. She, however, said that the uncle got down at a railway station in the pretext of buying water and did not return.

When the ticket checker (TC) asked for the ticket, the woman claimed that her travel documents were with her uncle.

The TC informed the railway police, who arrested her at Jalandhar station.

“The woman doesn’t have her passport or visa and even a ticket. She was found with Pakistani currency note and with some medicines,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police, Government Railway Police, Makhan Singh.

“I have arrived in India with my passport and visa. Look for my uncle because he has my passport and visa. Even I am looking for my uncle or you help me in finding my uncle,” said Khan.

Further investigation is on in the case. (ANI)