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Pakistan always have been in denial mode, says Qamar Agha

New Delhi, Aug 6 : Security expert Qamar Agha on Thursday said that India should disclose the true face of Pakistan, which has always been in denial mode, before the world community.

Agha asked the Indian Government to further interrogate the arrested terrorist so that the truth comes to the fore.

“India is still interrogating. They will prepare a dossier and hand it over to them. It will take some time and that is possible only after interrogation. We have seen Pakistan has always been in denial mode. Earlier, we have seen that Pakistan have denied whenever any militant was arrested. In case of Kasab, they said no. But later they accepted after great pressure,” Agha told ANI.

“I think the need is to build pressure. Give them the dossier. India will talk to international community and share this information, particularly with United States and other countries which maintain closer ties with Pakistan. I think, it will take time, all the details will come out and in the mean time, I am sure Pakistan media would also report,” he added.

Earlier, Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Syed Qazi Khalilullah has said that India should provide evidence of any Pakistani involved in terrorist activity on Indian soil, adding that they have constantly asked India to refrain from accusations.

According to the Dawn, the statement from Pakistan’s foreign office comes following Indian claim that Usman Faisal, a militant captured on Wednesday after a deadly attack on a military convoy in the Kashmir region, was a Pakistani.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh earlier made a statement in both the Houses of Parliament on the terrorist attack at Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 and condemned the persistent attempts by terrorists from across the border to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir.

Singh informed that one of the two militants involved in the attack was killed, while one was subsequently apprehended by the local people and the police.

“The apprehended terrorist was brought to Jammu, where he is being questioned by the concerned authorities. Preliminary interrogation of the captured terrorist reveal his identity as Md. Naveed Yakub @ Usman, r/o Faisalabad (Pakistan). He also revealed the identity of his slain accomplice as Md. Nomen @ Nomin (code name) r/o Bhawalpur, Pakistan,” he said. (ANI)