Friday , May 26 2017
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Pak teen sentenced to death for murdering minor

Karachi: Pakistan anti-terrorism court has awarded death penalty to a teenager and life imprisonment to two others for brutally murdering a minor after sexually assaulting him.
The judgement stated “The prosecution has proven its case against Shoaib Ahmed, Ibrarul Haq and Muhammad Usama beyond a shadow of doubt by producing sufficient evidence such as circumstantial evidence, accounts of where they were last seen evidence, CCTV footage, medical evidence, forensic serological report, recovery of the body by the suspects, confessional statements, judicial confessions and recovery of the weapon,” the Dawn reported.

The 17-year-old Shoaib with Abrar and Usama, both minors, in November 2014 killed Husnain after sexually abusing him and dumped the body in a cave near the Gilgit River.

According to Investigators, they smashed his head with stones, cut his ears and then strangled him.