Saturday , May 27 2017
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Over 13,000 cases settled under one-time amnesty scheme

New Delhi: Nearly two months into announcement of the Delhi government’s one-time amnesty scheme, power majors TPDDL today claimed to have settled 13,721 cases while BSES settled an amount of Rs 31 crore.
BSES said, it received a total of 26,741 applications for settlement under the scheme offering resolution of various types of complaints and grievances pertaining to electricity theft, alleged inflated bills, misuse charges among others.
“The biggest beneficiaries of the scheme are residents of JJ Clusters who account for 10,658 cases out of 13,721 cases settled so far. Cases of direct theft, meter tempering, misuse /unauthorized use of electricity and disconnected consumers settled so far stands at 612, 540, 74 and 1837 respectively,” a TPDDL statement said.
BSES said that while the total billing amount of its applications for settlement is Rs 86 crore, the settled amount is Rs 31 crore, Rs 18.77 crore for BRPL and Rs 12.21 crore for BYPL.
The scheme was launched by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in August and was valid till September 30.