Monday , May 29 2017
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Osmania General Hospital valuable asset of Telangana

Declaring Osmania General Hospital as the valuable asset of Telangana, senior advocate of Andhra Pradesh High Court said ‘worried over diverse statements by Telangana government regarding dismantling of Osmania General Hospital building I filed a Public Interest Litigation PIL. In response to that Telangana government informed the Court that the government has no such plan to raze the hospital. During the hearing Attorney General asked if government had no plans to raze the building why chief minister and his close friends showed willingness to raze the building on the pretext of it precariousness. On this the Attorney General clearly rejected all such plans.

Mr. Reddy declared the conspiracy to dismantle old Osmania hospital building has vested interest. If Osmania Hospital is razed it would directly benefit corporate hospitals. He reiterated that Osmania Hospital is the icon of Hyderabad toying with it would not be tolerated.

Social activist and leader of Telangana Movement Founders Forum Dr. K Chiranjeevi felt no remark of government could be believed. He blamed government of hatching conspiracy to raze Osmania Hospital to benefit Corporate Hospitals and Real State Mafia.

Social activist Prof. Vimla told that preservation of old building of Osmania Hospital was the responsibility of the government. Similar building couldn’t be constructed even in the span of 200 years she claimed. She smells a rat in the announcement to raze the building by the government authorities. She felt that it would be first step towards obliterating Telangana culture.

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