Friday , July 21 2017
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Opposition to uniform civil code an ‘insult’ to judiciary: VHP

New Delhi: VHP on Wednesday said opposition to the introduction of a uniform civil code in the country was an “insult” to the judiciary, and alleged that Congress was doing so for its vote bank politics.

The VHP also accused the Congress of instigating Muslims, and appealed to the opposition party and the community to shed their obstinacy and come forward in paving the way for brining uniform civil code while following Supreme Court directions.

“The reaction by Congress and Muslim fundamentalists on the Supreme Court direction for bringing about the Uniform Civil Code is an insult to the judiciary and also against the country’s interests.

“VHP appeals to the Congress and the Muslim community to leave aside their obstinacy and follow the Supreme Court directions and come forward to pave the way for common civil code,” VHP joint general secretary Surendra Jail said.

Attacking the Congress, he said, “For a few Muslim votes, the Congress has always insulted India’s judiciary and the Constitution…This Muslim appeasement policy of Congress led to the country’s partition. Now again they are trying to take the Muslim community towards dissatisfaction…”

Advocating for a uniform civil code for all citizens of the country, the VHP leader said no other country except India has different laws for its different citizens.

“Except India, nowhere in the world there are separate laws for different people,” he said, adding that in India, Goa has a common code for its people and due to it “we have not seen any Muslim that has left the state”.

“Why in the rest of the country, they have problems,” he questioned.

Law Minister D V Sadananda Gowda said yesterday that a Uniform Civil Code is necessary for national integration but any decision to bring it can be taken only after wider consultations. His assertion that triggered a debate came a day after the Supreme Court asked the Centre whether it is willing to bring in a common code.