Friday , May 26 2017
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Opposition feared exposure of past mistakes, says Telangana CM

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today accused Congress, TDP and other opposition parties of running a misinformation campaign against his government on farm loan waiver and other issues.

Rao, speaking in the Legislative Assembly before it was adjourned sine die ahead of the schedule, charged that the opposition parties got themselves suspended from the House “out of fear that their failures during the last 60 years would be exposed”.

He was referring to suspension on Monday of 30 members from Congress, TDP, BJP, CPI and CPI(M) for disrupting the House over the demand that government implement loan waiver in one go instead of in phases.

Congress and the TDP-BJP combine have since launched protests across the state to press the demand.

Rao said his government had said it would make sincere efforts to waive the farm loans in one go, and wondered whether the government can make payment to the tune of Rs 8,500 crore in a single stroke. Around Rs 8,000 crore had already been paid towards loan waiver.

Noting that Congress and TDP were in power (at some time or other) during the last 58 years, the Chief Minister alleged that the two parties were responsible for the sad state of affairs leading to farmers’ suicides.

“Have we spoilt that (what the two parties did when in power) in 15 months (since TRS came to power)?” Rao said.

The government was working on a short, medium and long term approach to address the issues, he said.

Stressing that he would not allow any “mistake” to happen to the newly-born Telangana, he said the government had improved power situation and was working to maximise benefits of irrigation projects.

The session was scheduled to go on till this week-end but it was adjourned sine-die as proposed by Rao, who said all items on the agenda had been taken up.