Friday , August 18 2017
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`Open-minded` Kangana Ranaut speaks on shooting intimate scenes

Karachi: Kangana Ranaut, who is busy promoting her upcoming flick ‘ Katti Batti,’ recently opened by about the hypocrisy that surrounds the shoot of intimate scenes.

Talking about the love making scenes, the 28-year-old actress said that she reacts to the scenes while reading and if she is convinced by the script, it flows through her, reports the Dawn.

She added that even after the shoot the actress is not like “shawl kahan hai meri izzat bachaa lo! Meri cleavage na kisi ko dikh jaaye, bachaa lo mujhe! (where is my shawl, I need to cover up, no one should see my cleavage)”

Further, the ‘Queen’ star also joked about the directors who ask the actresses to get covered up if they are wearing short clothes on the sets, saying that the directors go “madam ko kuch do bhai (give something to mam)” to which she reacts, “Kyun do bhai? (why should you give something) Why can’t you see me like this?” (ANI)