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Only fraction of fresh water available on earth’s surface

Washington D.C., Aug 26 : Scientists have revealed that only a fraction of water is fresh on the earth’s surface.

Lead author Vimal Chaitanya of the New Mexico State University said that as the global population expands, climate change, overexploitation of water resources, pollution and economic growth were impacting the availability of water.

Chaitanya concluded that the society faces an unprecedented challenge to advance science and develop appropriate technological innovations to ensure water security.

One billion people already suffer deficiencies in water access.

Water that could be used for drinking is contaminated with microbial toxins, viral infections, and chemicals such as pesticides and manufacturing wastes.

Chaitanya asserted that there was a growing need for developing more sensitive analytical technique but also simpler and affordable methods for monitoring the quality of water sources.

He added that these developments would require implementing regulatory standards and sharing common international practices for a more comprehensive approach to water management across geo-political and economic regions.

The study is published in the Journal Technology and Innovation. (ANI)