Monday , August 21 2017
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One Person Held for Duping ATM Card Holders

The Marredpally police has detained a person who was indulging in criminal activities by changing the ATM cards in the name of assisting the customers targeting the ATM Centers where there were no security guards.

A person named A Ravinder from Siddipet in Medak district was residing in West Marredpally area. He was suffering from diabetics and was not in a position to work hard and he took this criminal path to earn money easily. He targeted the ATM centers where there were no security guards. He also targeted the people, who don’t know how to use ATM cards. He will make such customers to believe him by enacting helping drama. He completes such customers’ work first while finding their PIN number. Later, he will give duplicate card to the customer and keeps with him the card of customers and draws the money from that card.

Reacting on complaints from customers from JBS and Siricilla, they examined the CCTV footage and they come to a conclusion that the culprit was one. The Marredpally police also asked the Karimnagar police about the case filed against him. They found that there was a suspect sheet in Siddipet and was living in Marredpally. The police detained Ravinder along with cash, ATM cards. The police said that Uppal police also filed two cases against him. (NSS)