Monday , May 29 2017
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One day beef festival to condemn Akhlaq lynching

Chennai: To condemn the Dadri lynching incident, a one-day beef festival was held here on Saturday in Chennai.

Around 300 people mostly includes youngsters take part in the event by eating beef biryani as a mark of protest against the trend to ban beef in various states,The Times of India reported.

“The idea of this festival was to condemn the murder of Akhlaq and also to protest the Central government’s control over food. The government is trying to intervene in our food culture. It’s a violation of one’s basic right,” said Amudhan RP, one of the organisers of the festival.

52 year old innocent Mohammed Akhlaq was lynched to death by the Bisara villagers on suspicion that his family consumed beef.

With nearly 10,000 Hindus in Bisara, Akhlaq was the only Muslim family living inside the village the remaining 25-30 Muslim families live in the vicinity of the village.