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OGH’s appeal to save its life!

By Sanghamitra Malik :Myself, the Osmania General Hospital ,was created in April 1910, I became a full blown hospital in just some nine years time.
Vincent Jerome Esch designed and created me,It was on the desire of the ruler who was then Osman Ali.
I am a hospital to which the sick in Hyderabad Come for their every health related issue But as the days, months and years passed by The people took less and less care of me!
They started taking me kind of granted, Visited the Doctors they wanted to see,But what about paying attention to the building?
My walls, my floors, every nook and corner, what about me?
I began to get plagued by several issues, Infrastructure, security and even sanitary issues were there,Every floor, every wall, every corridor and all That belonged to my vast body cried for attention.
There were Doctors and Nurses present for the patients And they also did a lot of hospital related work, But there was not one among them or the support staff members Who heard me sobbing and weeping in pain, no one ever cared!
There was repair work needed for my walls and ceilings, Inside my many rooms and on the outer walls as well,
2.  There were leaks in pipelines which required immediate attention, The flooring had become dull and unclean.
I had begun to age, I developed aches and pains, Every bone in my body began to rattle, My basic structure was very strong But outwardly I looked worn out, every thing appeared to be wrong.
Every room in my body was full of beds and equipments as well, Many of which had stopped functioning over the years. There were bundles of papers, medical books and files On every table and shelf, they were stacked up in piles.
I am just about a centurion but I have fallen sick,  I need to be taken care of, my doctors need to come quick!
I need to be in the ICU for proper medical attention,But only for major repairs, renovations and restoration!
My heart still beats for all the sick and ailing,For all those who are seriously wounded or have cuts and bruises.
I know I’ll always be there standing here in this big compound To welcome the Doctors, the patients, the staff and the nurses.
All those who need to visit me when they are sick,All those who trust me and need to come quick,They must know that even when I am bent down,When my walls have developed wrinkles,I am there standing and waiting for the sick To take them in my arms as they rush for medical aid.
3.Today, I am so sick and so weak only because Nobody took care of me and I was a neglected entity!
Years of neglect resulted in the crumbling of my infrastructure, My illness has begun to show, I look gnarled and shabby!
But let me be very clear to all of you,None of the many blocks can be called unfit for use, Every wall, every cornice, every corridor, every balcony,Every room, passageway, the façade and every gallery,Can be repaired and restored to look completely new, I can again be the well built hospital, robust and sturdy.
Funds have to be allotted to treat me completely,Heritage conservation activists and conservation architects
Will be too eager to help the citizens to treat me with care, The authorities need to help me to get cured,
Not raze me to the ground but make me stand out!
What is hundred years for a majestic building like me?
I am no ordinary building, I am the savior of many who are ill,
Will you all not get together to protect me,
To save me from being wiped out of Hyderabad’s heritage, at will?

thanks a lot

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