Monday , May 29 2017
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Officials pestered with political intervention in MFD

Rising political intervention in Minority Welfare Department is preventing the officials from working freely and fairly in the department. Rising intervention of government’s ally local party in the Minority institutions especially in Waqf Board affairs and rising pressure on officials to complete the affairs on the wish and will of local political party have landed the officials into trouble. Interestingly even the government does not seem serious in coming to the rescue of the troubled officials from the pressure of Waqf mafia and local political party.

According to reports, pressure is being mounted on government to transfer some officials of Minority Welfare so that other persons of their choice would be appointed in their place in Waqf Board. In view of the ensuring GHMC elections, it seems that government has no choice but to accept the pressure from its ally party. It is said that the local political party in connivance with Waqf Mafia and some corrupt workers of Waqf Board is eying on some prime Waqf properties.

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