Wednesday , July 26 2017
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Now, equip your child emotionally with ‘MindOn’

New Delhi: MindOn, India’s first comprehensive in-curriculum social and emotional learning (SEL) programme, is making its presence felt across the school-going children population in Delhi and the National Capital Region.
A unique programme that is concerned with both, the social as well as emotional well-being for holistic development, deftly combines standard teaching techniques and positive psychology to ensure that students don’t only excel in academics but also develop sound communication skills, empathy and leadership acumen. Behavior change and personal development are areas that have been let down by the typical ‘one-off workshop’ model. These are competencies that require sustained and systematic support.

Dr. Kunal Kala, who leads program design at MindOn said, “It is well established that EQ or emotional quotient is a better predictor of success than IQ. Moreover, the world has changed so drastically over the last few years that there’s a need to address issues that were unheard of earlier. And these issues are continuously evolving in a super-fast changing environment.”

“This impacts the education sector and necessitatesproactively and preventatively solve difficulties such asbullying, cybercrimes, domestic discord, drug abuse, and violence, to name a few. In a sense, the MindOn programme preps children from the beginning of their social-interaction cycle to get a hold of their emotional make-up and effectively counter any challenges, be it in studies, interacting with the eco-system or in their career path,” Kala added.

Elaborating how MindOn helps children develop a strong social and emotional shield to effectively be in a win-win situation, Dr Kala adds that the idea of MindOn programme is to incorporate education and training for teachers and parents.

MindOn functions on a B2B model by crafting audio-visual curricula full of fun and engaging elements, and experiential lessons, not just for children but for schools to engender and inculcate the ideal school climate to bring out the best in students.

The modules are drafted in consultation with experts in the fields of child development, positive psychology and education. There are a host of key topics these lessons are centered at self-awareness, self management, empathy, recognition and management of one’s emotions, co-operation with others, making well-deliberated decisions, identifying and avoiding risky behavior and resolving conflicts.

Character development and strategies to prevent disruptive behavior such as violence, substance use, bullying and identification of unhealthy relationships, are also a part of these classes that are administered by trained professionals.

MindOn envisions forming an education system that provides a solid foundation to our children, to encourage them to give in their best, and develop interpersonal relationships. It also encourages students to become productive, caring and contributing members of the society. (ANI)