Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Not all Indian Muslims eat cow meat: Veteran journalist Mark Tully

Agra, UP: Prominent veteran journalist Mark Tully said, “the controversy over beef in India is just a contrived issue, as there are not many Indian Muslims who eat cow meat and media has a big role to play who can present the actual picture in order to end the issue completely.”

Mark Tully, is known for his enchantment with the BBC, who has covered major landmarks in Indian history like Indo-Pak conflicts, Operation Blue Star, Bhopal gas tragedy, the Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the demolition of Babri Masjid, said:

“For more than a decade I have been living in the Nizamuddin area in Delhi and it is the most densely populated Muslim area, but I came across the fact that not all Muslim prefers to eat cow meat,” Mark added.

Speaking about the peace-loving nature of Indians, veteran journalist said, “There are communities who eat the flesh of canines, but they do respect the sentiments of people like me, who are animal or dog lovers. Similarly, Muslims in India too respect the sentiments of other communities,” TOI is quoted as saying.

“The entire incident was based on a rumour and the Indian government should bring justice to the victims, while media should bring nothing more than truth,” Mark said while condemning the Dadri lynching incident.

Tully was in Agra to participate in the SAARC Nations Summit organized by Folklore Research Academy (Amritsar) to give a lecture on challenges before South Asia and the role of India and Pakistan.