Wednesday , July 26 2017
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Insult of humanity: Dadri village to be purified using cow urine, Gangajal

The village where Mohammad Akhlaq was brutally lynched for alleged cow slaughtered, will be purified using cow urine and Gangajal, by a Religious group led by Sadhvi Harshita Giri.

The Uttar Pradesh government has imposed section 144 in the region and refused to grant permission. However, locals are firm on carrying out the purification process as they strongly belief that the beef conspiracy is true.

However, the priest, Sadhvi Harshita Giri has assured that no untoward incident will take place, saying “Whatever happened in the village has made the atmosphere and environment impure, hence ‘purification’ is the need of the hour. After shuddhikaran (purification) ceremony a march will be organised to spread the message of harmony and brotherhood in the village”.

“We will do the purification in a silent manner. We are not aligned to any political outfit, but it is in the memory of the cow, which was allegedly killed by Mohammad Akhlaq in September this year”, said Giri.

The priest heads the same temple from where BJP leader Sanjay Rana’s son Vishal Rana made the announcement that Akhlaq’s family had slaughtered a cow before leading a 200-member mob into the house to lynch him.

Though the reports of meat samples obtained from Akhlaq’s home revealed that his family was consuming only mutton, not beef, yet the priest insist that a cow was indeed killed by Akhlaq’s family.

However BSP chief Mayawati warned the UP government to take precautionary measures as the Purification ceremony could be a well hatched plan and a conspiracy to stoke communal tensions.