Friday , July 28 2017
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No ban on meat in Ayodhya for three days of Eid

Ayodhya: Temple town, Ayodhya which has total ban on slaughter and sale of meat throughout the year lifted the ban during three days of Eid. As per the Ayodhya Municipal Board order even cooked meat cannot be served in the entire year but this order has been relaxed for three days.

Muslims of Ayodhya said that they perform Qurbani for generations without any hindrance. A resident of Ayodhya, Naseem Ansari said that in Ayodhya, there was no problem even during Ram Temple Movement and after Babri Masjdi demolition. He also said there was no riot in the town. Corporator of Ayodhya Municipal Board, Haji Asad Ahmad said that resident of Ayodhya have been observing qurbani without any fear.

Tiwari Mandi, Chief Priest Mahant Girish Pati Tripathi said that Ayodhya is a land of Ganga Jamuni Tahzeeb and we respect religious sentiments of other community. Another resident of Ayodhya, Hafiz Sayyad Akhlaq said that they are living in Ayodhya since ages and never faced objections regarding qurbani from anybody.