Wednesday , May 24 2017
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New US prez need to call radical Islam by its name: Jindal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who has backed out of the race, says people of the US need a president who does not apologise for American power and is not afraid to call radical Islam by its name.

He also says that next year’s presidential elections will present Americans with the “most consequential electoral choice since the presidential ballot bore the names of Lincoln and Douglas.”

In his new book “American Will: The Forgotten Choices that Changed Our Republic – And Offer Lessons For Its Future,” Jindal offers 14 lessons from US’ past and discusses how they can be used to restore American courage, faith, and wisdom.

Critical of former presidents, he says, “…Coming off two decades of intermittent drift under both Bushes and Bill Clinton, followed by eight years of the worst president in American history, I am not sure that we can survive another mistake of Obama-esque proportions.”

According to Jindal, the role of the government in 2016 will be on the ballot; the role of the US in the world will also be on the ballot; and the role of religious faith in American society will be on the ballot.

“The product of (Thomas) Jefferson’s vision for America was the peaceful purchase of half a continent. But what has been the product, in recent years, of the alternative vision of American leadership in the world,” he asks.

Commenting on the global situation, he writes, “We’ve seen that product in Iraq, where towns and territories liberated with the blood of our troops have been ceded to ISIS by an administration overly eager to withdraw from the world. We’ve seen that product in Syria, where a dictator who sponsors terrorism and butchers his people was emboldened by a red line drawn but not enforced.