Thursday , May 25 2017
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Nepalese artist stage unique protest outside Indian Embassy

Kathmandu: A noted Nepalese artist today held a unique protest outside the Indian Embassy here to oppose the blockade allegedly imposed by India on Nepal by attracting hundreds of crows outside the mission.

Ramesh Dulal, who can mimic voices of more than 100 animals and birds, made a sound like that of a crow, which attracted hundreds of crows in the sky above the Indian Embassy’s main gate amidst hundreds of onlookers.

The protest comes as the blockade of the Indo-Nepal border trade points caused shortage of petroleum products, cooking gas and medicines among other things.

India has denied imposing any blockade and said truck drivers are not ready to go to Nepal due to the ongoing agitation by Indian-origin Madhesi people who have been opposing splitting the country into seven provinces after the promulgation of new Constitution.

Their major demands include re-demarcation of the boundary, inclusion of proportionate representation and allocation of Parliament seats on the basis of population.