Thursday , May 25 2017
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Need to control weapons domestically: Obama

Washington: US President Barack Obama on Saturday called for the need to control weapons domestically, a day after a shooter killed three people and injured nine others in a western state. “We have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough, Obama as saying in a statement.
Three people were shot dead and nine others injured in a shooting on Friday in the city of Colorado Springs in the western state of Colorado.
Robert Dear, 59, a South Carolina native and son of a US navy veteran, later surrendered to police. “This is not normal, we can’t let it be normal,” Obama said.
Stiffer gun control has been a long-term debate in the US political circles.
After the 2012 school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, which claimed 28 lives, including 20 children, Obama initiated but failed to push stronger gun control laws.
“We have a Congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could potentially reduce gun deaths,” Obama said in his 15th televised speech on mass shooting in the US since taking office.