Sunday , July 23 2017
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NC slams Sayeed for ‘giving certificates to BJP and RSS’

Opposition National Conference (NC) today criticised Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for “giving certificates to BJP and RSS”, and said that his personal opinion should not be seen as a defence of political philosophy of such parties.

“People of the country should not be misled that the political philosophy of the BJP and RSS is being defended in Kashmir. The people here are totally against that ideology.

“This impression is wrong and it may be his (Sayeed’s) personal opinion but not the voice of the people who voted for his party (PDP) actually to keep the BJP away,” NC general secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar told reporters here.

Amid the raging debate on ‘intolerance’, Sayeed yesterday came out in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he is “not at all intolerant” but “all inclusive”.

Sagar pointed out that the rising trend of intolerance in the country was even condemned by Sayeed’s party legislators and Member of Parliament.

“It should not be seen as a leader of the Muslim majority state giving certificates to BJP and RSS. People, even, his partymen, are not with him. Ten MLAs and an MP of PDP (Tariq Hameed Karra) have strongly condemned the attacks on minorities after beef ban row and rising intolerance unleashed by Sangh Parivar. In their statements, they have directly attacked the BJP, with which they share alliance here. Does not Mufti sahib know this?” he said.

The NC leader the Chief Minister was “promoting his hidden personal and political agenda” by defending BJP and RSS.

“This is not the voice of a Kashmiri. A Kashmiri has a sentiment, he has aspirations and thoughts. Sayeed cannot kill that sentiment. Kashmir is a sensitive place and people should bear in mind that it takes no time in the situation to turn here,” he said, adding “Sayeed has taken a complete u-turn and even we are surprised by his huge u-turn.