Thursday , August 17 2017
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Nation’s confidence comes from people’s trust in BJP, says LK Advani

BJP patriarch LK Advani on Saturday said that the self confidence the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government has on the country’s future, emanates from the trust of the large population in the party workers.

“Today he (Modi) laid emphasis on the fact that his and his government’s self confidence emanates from the trust and self confidence of such a large population of the country in BJP workers. I also feel so,” he said after unfurling the national flag at his residence. He also expressed concern over the disruptions caused in Parliament and hoped that work in the coming sessions will carry on normally as the improvement witnessed towards the end of this session.

Advani said on today was the second year of the political change that took place last year and people have kindled a lot of hopes for the future years, even as the self confidence of the country has improved. “Today, the second year has completed and whatever the Prime Minister said earlier, he has reiterated them. There was also more firmness in the pledge.

“I believe that as people see changes in the country, in accordance with that, the hopes they have kindled towards the future of the nation will also be further strengthened. I am sure everyone will join in accomplishing those commitments,” he said. In his short message, the BJP veteran said, “People have lot of hopes. The self confidence in the country has increased a lot and all are awaiting the coming years.

Asked about the disruptions in Parliament and the concerns expressed by the President, he said, he has rightly expressed his concern at the Parliament session after hearing about it from them. “He had heard and learnt of the concern from us and if he has expressed that concern, it is true and everyone is concerned about it. “That is why, by the time the Parliament session was coming to an end, there was a lot of change and accordingly the work will carry on in future too,” he said.