Saturday , May 27 2017
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MWD releases salaries to Makkah Masjid staff

Minority Welfare Department has released salaries to staff and home guards of Makkah Masjid. However salaries of two employees whose term has not been extended has not been released. Secretary Minority Welfare sought details from the concerned officials on the issue of payment of salaries. It is said that the salaries of staff were released on November 4 while the salaries of home guards were released on November 12.

The officials told that the file regarding extension of term of Imam is under the process of approval his term ended 3 months ago. His salary for reaming days will be released after extension of his term. They also told that the term of another Imam of Makkah Masjid will end in December while the terms of superintendent of Makkah Masjid and Manager of Shahi Masjid, Public Garden have already ended.

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