Sunday , May 28 2017
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Mutton Sheek Kebab


Mutton mince (keema)-500 grams
Garlic paste-1 tablespoon
Ginger paste-1 teaspoon
Onion chopped-1 medium
Green chillies chopped-6
Fresh coriander leaves chopped-2 tablespoons
Garam masala powder-1 tablespoon
Roasted cumin powder-1/2 teaspoon
Kashmiri red chilli powder-1 tablespoon
Salt to taste
Butter-for basting
Chaat masala-2 tablespoons
Lemons- 2
Mint chutney-as required


Preheat the oven to 240°C/475°F/Gas Mark 9. Mix together the minced mutton, green chillies, onion and fresh coriander. Grind to a fine consistency.

Add the rest of the ingredients except the oil and mix well. Divide the mixture into twelve equal portions. Pat the mince mixture with moist hands onto skewers and shape into kababs.

Cook the kababs in the oven or in a hot tandoor till almost done. Baste with butter or oil and continue to cook till completely done.

Sprinkle with a little chaat masala and lemon juice and serve hot with Mint Chutney.