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Muslim reservations – TRS Govt. playing politics

Hyderabad: Leader of various political parties and voluntary organizations have declared to launch a massive campaign to pressurize the Govt. for the implementation of 12% reservations for Muslims. They blamed TRS Govt. that it is playing politics on this issue. They said that Sudheer Committee has no legal status.


A meeting of INSAAF organization was held at Makhdoom Bhavan, the headquarters of CPI at Himayath Nagar. The meeting was presided over by State President of INSAAF, Mr. Meer Ahmed Ali. It was attended by Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer, MLC, Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha, former CPI MP of Rajya Sabha, Mr. M. Veda Kumar, Chairman of Telangana Resource Center and CPI-M leader Mr. D. G. Narasing Rao. Mr. Syed Kaleemuddin Askar, President of INSAAF party of Greater Hyderabad thanked the participants. Present on this occasion were Mr. Muneer Patel, General Secretary of INSAAF Party, Telangana and others.


Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer blamed TRS Govt. that it is cheating the Muslims in the name of reservation. He mentioned that Congress Party in its 10 year regime lost the case of 5% Muslim reservation in the High Court thrice and once in Supreme Court but after a long struggle it ensured 4% reservation. He demanded the Govt. to obtain recommendation from BC commission to provide 12% reservation to Muslims. Referring to Sachar Committee and Mishra Commission recommendations, he said that it has become evident that Muslims are backward in the field of education. He reminded the TRS Govt. that Mr. KCR had promised during his election campaign that he would provide 12% reservation to Muslims but even after the lapse of 1 year, Govt. has failed to fulfill its promise.


Mr. Aziz Pasha told that CPI and INSAAF organization would continue its struggle till 12% reservation is provided to Muslims by TRS Govt. Chairman of Telangana Resource Center, Mr. M. Veda Kumar told that there is a need for the appointment of an advisor to the Govt. for resolving the issue of reservation for Minorities in the department of Minorities Welfare. He stressed the need for providing 12% reservation to Muslims in educational institutions and in employment so that Muslim officers could be appointed to various posts. If Muslims are appointed in higher positions of the Govt., many Muslim issues could be resolved.



–Siasat News