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Muslim Political Force of India

Allah as the source of power to lean on Strive for the political and social equality of Muslims Strive to defend the Ummah or wait for your turn Allah in Surah Al-Fatihah asks us to proclaim: It is you (Allah) whom we worship and beg earnestly for help.

Post Indian independence, muslims in India have largely stood behind the prime ruling political party of India, the Congress. With passing time, muslims have been less into experimenting on their political opportunities and continued their allegiance to the Congress. Events big and small, good and bad, have transpired but the support has been constant and consistent until the last couple of decades when regional political parties began to show their presence felt.

With the finger on the pulse of a particular demography, regional political leaders have used all their resources at hand to win the hearts of their known audience to become a cult in the Indian political system. From the first regional political party to the most recent one, they all have followed the same model of portraying the image of idealistic, all-inclusive, development-oriented, communally-disconnected polity. But their political opportunism to quench the thirst of power and dilly-dallying in support of contrasting ideologies is questionable.


Without spending much time on the keyboard: it’s better to summarize the comment made by the current Central Minister, Mr. Some Sharma , who sums up the government’s roadmap ahead by saying: Mr. Abdul Kalam, DESPITE BEING A MUSLIM, was a Nationalist and a Humanitarian. (FYI: RSS played absolutely no role in the struggle for Indian independence.)

The curtains have been droppped and shame has been thrown to the winds as RSS brazenly enters government premises and kinda audits central government’s work since being in the power. Voices are stronger when it comes to implementing laws that hurt muslims’ interests.

Coming back to muslims’ support for Congress and regional non-communal political parties, it can be a valid comment that the Congress and the regional political parties have largely been non-committal to eradicating the anti-muslim agencies that have grown from strength to strength over the period of time. Their commitment to muslim prosperity seems elusive and the notion of political refuge for the helpless minority perhaps may not just be a rhetoric.

Beating the drum of keeping the communal forces out of power seems a sham. These hollow statements are meant to KEEP the MUSLIM VOTES in the THEIR KITTY with zero investment and zero obligations. While Muslim stands demoralized, Muslims’ honour gets compromised.

“Allah in Surah Al-Fatihah asks us to proclaim: It is you (Allah) whom we worship and beg earnestly for help.”

Islam, from the first day, was never about numbers. Islam is and never will be about numbers. Islam is about the faith. Faith is the currency and faith is the fuel. Carving a political identity on the basis of Islam though may seem unachievable through the ballot box, but it is surely a welcome proposition outside of it. What we need to vision is not about the political party in power but the actual political power.

Having one muslim political party and voting en bloc for it might sound communal but Islam is not communal. It may take some fire fighting to do to prove this point but it is worth the fight.

Azads, Baigs, and Shariffs have been tried and the ground situation has not improved, now it’s the time for a muslim to be a muslim and stop being a cry baby. In this context, the idea of Owaisi seems a relevant development.

An ‘Effective’ Muslim political Identity

Political parties as we all know can’t be built in the blink of an eye, they are not established with a strike of a pen, they don’t happen overnight. It is a process. For an effective muslim political force, Imaan is the seed, the root, the stem, the branches, the leaves, and eventually the fruit. Though money is the necessity outwardly, what drives the vision is the Imaan.

Money can pollute the purpose but Imaan will insha Allah ensure that the purpose is on the straight path.

The Driving factor
1. Fear of Allah
2. The craving to serve the Ummah

By trying to obey the commandments of Allah to the best of our abilities and striving hard to be steadfast on the path of Islam, we need to build the character of care. Care for the community and the urge to help the community rise above the challenges and lead decent life should be the ideology of the muslim political force.

The first and the last Major Step

The intent of the muslim political force should be to strive hard to imbibe the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammed (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in our own life and the lives of the fellow muslims across India. The challenges of materialistic life should also be addressed by understanding the needs of each and every individual of the community and creating nodes of communication between the muslim political force and the community.

Social Development

With the strong base of Islamic learning, focus should be laid to facilitate education, jobs, and economic prosperity. As the honourable Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari, listed the following challenges before muslims, in a function few days ago:

Principal problems confronting India’s Muslims include “identity and security; education and empowerment; equitable share in the largesse of the state; and fair share in decision-making.”

He further said: The challenge before us today is to develop strategies and methodologies to address them… Political sagacity, the imperative of social peace, and public opinion play an important role in it. Experience shows that the corrective has to be both at the policy and the implementation levels; the latter, in particular, necessitates mechanisms to ensure active cooperation of the State governments,” (reports The Indian Express.)

The Beginning of the Muslim Political Force

Only Islam can instill the sense of pride and dignity in a muslim individual. The current muslim identity seems to be in a haze as muslims are not assertive about them being a Muslim in the Indian society. The early few months, or years must be spent on working on the deen (faith) of the community before muslim political force participates in a political way (participates in politics in an active manner.)

Without deen, we are nothing. So going into the society minus Islam would surely end in failure. The real intent should be to build the deen and Imaan and then focus on the bread and butter.

Taking note from the earlier generations, we can deduce that the earlier generations were destroyed not because they were not successful materialistically. They had enough wealth. But they lost Imaan. So, the real intent of the Muslim Political Force should be to make it easy for the muslim community to practice Islam as revealed upon the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and as practiced by his companions.

“We don’t need a shoulder to cry on when we have the ground to put our head down on” #Sujood

From the blog Mr Syed Haseeb Ahmed