Wednesday , July 26 2017
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Muslim Empowerment Movement: reservation would ensure 12000 jobs

Implementation of 12% reservations in Telangana state would make the future of the Muslim youth bright and would ensure upliftment of Muslim society. Keeping in view the importance of 12% reservations, Siasat began ‘Muslim Empowerment Movement’ which is continued in full swing in entire Telangana. Religious scholars, intellectuals, students all have joined the movement. The movement is also being promoted through masajid.

It must be noted that the government plans to fill 1.07 lakh posts in the near future and recruitment process has already begun. If 12% reservation is implemented during recruitment process then Muslims will get 12000 jobs which will directly benefit thousands of backward Muslim families which are living below poverty line. It would also benefit thousands of Muslim students every year who are forced to discontinue higher education due to financial problems. According to a report Muslims will get 756 seats in MBBS and BDS each year.

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