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Muslim determined to continue the campaign till 12% reservations are granted

Hyderabad: The campaign of 12% reservations for Muslims started by Siasat Urdu Daily has now become the public movement of Telangana State. With the tremendous response exhibited by the Muslims in Telangana shows that the day is not far to get this movement success. History is the testimony that any issue which is taken up with sincerity meets with success. There is not a single village or town in Telangana State which has not joined this movement. Everywhere in the State, the campaign for 12% reservation has gained the strength and its intensity is on the increase day by day. This movement is getting popularity at political, social and public levels. People belonging to all walks of life are coming forward to strengthen this movement. Muslims are presenting memorandum to Tehsildars, Collectors, RDOs, Ministers and Peoples’ Representatives demanding to get recommendations from BCs Commission for providing 12% reservations to Muslims. If BCs Commission makes this recommendations, there won’t be  any legal complications. Even if someone approaches the court of law, the issue of 12% reservation will not face any difficulties. There are instances that when reservations were provided without the recommendations of BCs Commission, there were many legal complications and as a result of which Muslims could not be benefited out of these reservations. The Muslims of Telangana State have a feeling that they are more backward in the fields of education and employment than the backward communities. If the Muslims have to progress, they have to get reservations. It is their constitutional right. Muslims are making representation to get this right. CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR also accepted the backwardness of the Muslims and made a promise to provide 12% reservation to them. Muslims have faith in him.


According to official statistics, there are 3.7 crore youths are graduates. The tragedy is that only 23 lakh Muslims are graduates whereas the number of graduates among SCs and STs is more than the Muslims. They have 31 lakh graduates. Among OBCs there are 3.22 crore graduates. These statistics have worried women and girls students of Muslim community also. They have also become active for strengthening this movement.


Among the Diploma holders, Muslims are also far behind the other depressed communities. It is a cumulative thought of the Muslims that the only way to rise above backwardness in the fields of education and employment is reservations. Realizing this fact, Siasat Urdu Daily launched this movement. All sections of society are now saying that the movement launched by Siasat Urdu Daily should not only be strengthened but we should not keep quiet till the reservations are provided. In this context, representations should be made to Govt. officials and peoples’ representatives. Religious leaders are persuading the Muslims youths to become active in making such representations and also to create awareness for this campaign.


The students of residential high school for minorities in Sanga Reddy have come forward and they presented a memorandum to CM. They demanded the CM to get recommendations from BCs Commission.


In Medak, the local people submit a memorandum to Ms. M. Padma Devender Reddy, Dy. Speaker. She accepted the memorandum and assured that TRS Govt. is serious about fulfilling its election promises made to minorities. The memorandum was submitted by Mr. Syed Sadiq, member of Medak Municipal Council. Mr. Ansar Ahmed Sahil, President of Global Educational and Welfare Society of Nirmal led a delegation and presented a memorandum to Mr. A. Indira Karan Reddy, Minister for Housing and demanded to take steps for providing 12% reservations to Muslims. S.M. Aslam Quadri, General Secretary, Minorities Cell of TRS presented a memorandum in Shamsabad to Mr. Swami Goud, Chairman of Telangana Legislative Council demanding 12% reservation for Muslims. Mr. Goud promised that he would apprise the CM about this issue. Mr. Kaleemur Rahman, Senior Journalist of Siddipet, Medak got Siasat’s appeal printed and distributed to the people. He also arranged to announce this appeal in 24 local mosques through the Imams.




—Siasat News