Friday , May 26 2017
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Muddu Ridicules Roja on GDP Issue

TDP senior leader Gali Muddukrishnam Naidu today strongly criticized the comments made by YSRC leader and actress Roja on the proposed two digit growth of Andhra Pradesh.

Muddukrishnam Naidu, in a statement, questioned whether Roja knew anything about growth rate. The comment of YSRC leader on this subject is like devils chanting ved mantras. It was shame on the part of Roja to question how two digit growth in the state was possible when no Nation in the World has such a growth, he said adding that there were some nations like South Sudan, Mangolia, Turkmenstan and Turkey which registered double digit GDP growth rate in their countries.

The TDP leader alleged that taking the advantage of government, YSRC leaders have amassed assets and forged fake affidavits and formed benami companies. How can these people have knowledge of GDP, he ridiculed. (NSS)