Wednesday , July 26 2017
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Mohammed Fakhruddin hails Siasat’s valuable services to solve Muslim issues

President Telangana Pradesh Congress Minority Department Mr. Mohammed Khaja Fakhruddin called on Siasat news editor Mr. Amer Ali Khan and congratulated him on the launch of Siasat English Weekly. He was accompanied by Congress leaders Syed Farooq Pasha Quadri and Yousuf bin Nasir. He asserted that Siasat’s journalistic, social, community and cultural services were remarkable. ‘Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan never comprised on Muslim issues nor adopted diplomacy. He has always been in the forefront to raise every issue and now under his patronage his son Mr. Amer Ali Khan is visiting cities and districts not only to create awareness among Muslims but has also been successful in mounting pressure on government in the form of memorandums in a democratic way’, said Mr. Fakhruddin.

He further said ‘although there are a number of English newspapers but those newspapers do not cover issues of Muslims or Urdu language there are a majority of Muslims who read English newspapers. Those newspapers only give importance to negative reporting about Muslims. English daily for Muslims was badly needed hence Siasat Daily which has 50 years of journalistic experience took the challenge. This has created a new ray of hope among Muslims. Siasat is a professional newspaper and it has always played a responsible role in presenting the problems of Muslims. Government employees and pubic elected representatives are not aware of the Urdu script. Be it Chief Minister’s office or the office of district collector, the news published regarding Muslim issues are presented to them after translating them into English. Siasat has eliminated all these hurdles and now the Siasat weekly will directly reach ruling section and public representatives which will help them understand Muslim problems and find their solution.

Mr. Mohammed Khaja Fakhruddin appealed Mr. Amer Ali Khan to convert the weekly into daily very soon and also appealed Muslims to subscribe Siasat English Weekly.

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