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Mohabaat fateh e Alam :Nenavath Suresh pens down his message to the bereaved famlies

Haj ka news sun kar bahut dukh Hua. Humari dua oon sab family members ko himmat dey. Aisa incident kisi ke saath na ho. Request the government to take extra care to avoid such painful incidents. Would like to request siasat new to convey this news as this paper is read by millions bof people worldwide.

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Ashfaq Rahman A hadith of reflection for the Makkah and Mina tragedy.
The Prophet (s) said : ” If Allah wants good for his slave, He uses them”.
The sahabas asked : ” How does He use them” ?
The Prophet (s)said : ” Allah gives them the tawfeeq to do righteous deeds and then causes their death to happen in the same state of righteousness . (Tirmithi)
We pray Allah accepts them in the state of righteousness. Aameen.
MasoodPasha Pasha Ya Allah ham sob musalman ummati air bhayi hain ham sob auladey Adam as set chain aisi mohabbat sarey dunyan key mohabbat qayem ho air doosrey bandey who nadan chain yeh dekh kar Islam ki haqeeqat Japan Japan jayengey oh bhi Islam key dayerey met aajayengey
Abdul Basith It’s clear that this lady is wrongly implecated since she was deported from Dubai and all of a sudden police here jumped up on and decided to round her up with cases.
Nayab Wain This should be practised in every marriage, muslim or not. In
South Asia, the dowry system is to be found in mostly of the communities. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and so on. So this message should go out for all of us. It’s a shame, that a girl leave her house to become a part of your- and you make sure that she ruins her parents house while leaving. It’s disgusting.

Shakeel Ahmed Pahle Apne mulk me bhai chara banawo, Kashmiri it ne bewakhoof nahi aapki kahani ya sunke, apne age wali peediyoka future Barbaad kare. Waise Allah Paak na Paak Iradome kabhi kamiyabi nahi dega.

Ak Khan Khan Inshallaha allaha modi ko islam samjan aur islam ka bare padna ke hidiyath da aur sab ka sath aur sab ka vikas aur rss mu band karna ke hidayath da islam zinda bad hindustan zindabad