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Modi -Sharif meeting an act of diplomatic courtesy: Expert

New Delhi, Nov. 30 : Defence expert P. K Sehgal on Monday said that the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Paris should be seen as nothing more than an act of diplomatic courtesy.

Sehgal said more than 192 heads of the state, prime ministers and presidents were discussing a very critically important issue related to human survival.

“Amongst those who are attending this is Prime Minster Modi and our neighbour Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Obviously, if they pass each other, diplomatic courtesy is essential, they ought to smile at each other, they ought to shake hands and say hello to each other, and if that happened, it’s a good thing,” he added.

“I am very happy that Prime Minister Modi met Nawaz Sharif and exchanged a few glances may even have wished each other,” he said.

Sehgal also said that even if they (Modi- Nawaz) have spoken to each other for two to four minutes, nothing must be read out of it, it is a good gesture and we ought to welcome it.

Both the leaders were seen shaking hands on the sidelines of the summit where 150 heads of states and governments will make three-minute speeches each, offering their political support to the negotiations that are expected to deliver a landmark global agreement on climate change. (ANI)