Saturday , July 22 2017
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Modi not conducting himself like PM when abroad: CPI

New Delhi: CPI on Monday accused Narendra Modi of not conducting himself like the Prime Minister during his foreign visits, saying he was making “condemnable and shameful” statements and announcing policy decisions abroad without consulting Parliament.

“It seems that he is still in the campaign mode when he is abroad. He must conduct himself as the Prime Minister and not as an RSS ‘pracharak’ or a BJP man,” CPI National Secretary D Raja said here.

He said Modi’s “continuous refrain attacking secularism has been seen in Japan when he presented a copy of the Gita, in Ireland, when students sang Sanskrit shlokas and now in the US. This is nothing but a sellout of India’s pride. It is shameful that he is so desperate.”

The CPI leader said, “in San Jose, he ridiculed the policy of bank nationalisation which was a major economic decision of the government of that day and spoke of complete deregulation, a major policy decision, without consulting Parliament or the people.”

“In the garb of ‘Make in India’, he is asking investors to come and make profits in India and assuring them of exploiting the huge market. These are desperate statements,” the CPI leader said.

On ‘Digital India’ programme, Raja said,”Modi seems to be pursuing American dreams and not Indian dreams as it will make India a digital colony of the US.”