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Modi and KCR are cheaters – Khursheed Ahmed

Hyderabad: Mr. Syed Khursheed Ahmed, President of Minorities Cell of AICC criticized heavily the functioning of Mr. Narendra Modi and Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao and said that both are cheaters. Mr. Modi cheated the people of Gujarat and Mr. KCR cheated Minorities by promising 12% reservation to them. He further told that people will teach a good lesson to Mr. KCR in the general elections of 2019. He was addressing Muslim convention in Warangal yesterday. Mr. Uttam Kumar Reddy, President of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer, MLC and Mr. V. Hanumanth Rao, Rajya Sabha M.P. told that even after making a promise of providing 12% reservation to Muslims, nothing has been done so far which has resulted anger among the Muslims. They also criticized MIM that it is stopping developmental works in the old city of Hyderabad. This party believes that if developmental works take place, nobody will vote for MIM. They further told that Muslim youths should come forward in the field of education. If Muslims are educated, they won’t vote for MIM. They alleged that MIM is helping BJP. Congress is the only secular party which respects every religion.


Mr. Shabbeer told that during Congress regime, 4% reservation for Muslims was implemented. The present Govt. is not implementing fee reimbursement scheme properly. Many medical seats in Telangana State have been decreased. It may be noted that Telangana was constituted only because of the efforts of Ms. Sonia Gandhi. KCR is cheating the people. He has planned to supply cheap liquor to the people which will spoil families. They lamented that the Muslims are backward in the field of education, politics and employment. They will not progress unless they get reservations in all these fields.


Maulana Khusro Pasha Biyabani welcomed Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer and led him to Dargah Hazrat Afzal Biyabani in Warangal.



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