Saturday , May 27 2017
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Mistaken “Hijab” of Canadian actress resulted in assault

Toronto: A man mistook a Canadian actress wearing “Hijab” and assaulted her in Toronto, Canada. Islamophobia is on the increase in Canada. Kayla Gerber (24) was wearing scarf to keep herself warm.

A man followed her after she was returning from rehearsal near Bloor and Bathurst streets in Toronto on Monday. The man told her to remove her scarf and get out of the country.

The actress was not a Muslim. The man mistook her for a Muslim woman and misbehaved.

She told that she never thought that she would face this kind of humiliating treatment. When she posted this incident on her Facebook, messages of support from all over the world started pouring in. “It’s so beautiful to see positivity come out of negativity,” she added.

This incident took place following the brutal terrorist attack in Paris a few days ago.