Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Men with higher intelligence stay stronger in 50s

Karachi, Aug 22 : Researchers have linked higher intelligence score in adulthood to good physical shape in 50s.

Intelligent men are likelier to have stronger back, legs and hands when they hit middle-age, the Express Tribune reports.

According to the study, brainy men were also more likely to remain physically independent as they age.

In the study, clever men showed a 1.1lb rise in lower back strength, a 1cm increase in jumping height, 1.5lb increase in hand-grip strength, 3.7 percent improved balance, and could do 1.1 more chair-rises in 30 seconds.

Rikke Hodal Meincke of the University of Copenhagen said that the better the results were of midlife tests, the greater was the chance of avoiding a decrease in physical performance in old age. (ANI)