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Marriage: Not a matter of ‘saath pheras’ anymore

New Delhi, Nov. 30: Marriage is not a cake walk and when the elderly people say this they mean it, literally. It is not a simple affair of reading out vows or taking ‘saath pheras,’ it is much more complicated and with the big fat Indian weddings taking up the lead, a lot of things, including clothes, decorations, photographers and makeup, require special attention before one actually walks down the aisle.

When wedding photographer Tarun Chawla was asked about the trending post wedding photo shoots, he told ANI, “I am personally not a big fan of pre wedding or post wedding shoot, but yes, they are now main stream.”

He added, “Earlier being offered by selected few photographers, now they are being done by even entry level studios. Scale of the shoots match scale of the wedding, someone spending 5crs on wedding has luxury to hire 5 star properties for their pre wed shoot while people on low budget go for outdoor locations.”

Further, when asked about the rising demands of nude post marriage photo shoots and whether he would do one, Tarun said, “We Have Time. That’s all I can say, right now we are fighting for taking chooda or jaimala off during couple shots leave alone clothes! Don’t think it will come mainstream in next decade.”

Not only people are getting photographed differently on their big day, the trend of sending wedding invitation along with the traditional ‘mithai ka dabba’ is also changing.

Explaining that people now prefer something classy and unique as their wedding invites, Director of Wedding Aisa, Anupreet Sethi said that people are using colour based invites, they select the colour of the card that points towards the dress code.

She added that the traditional sweets have been totally replaced as people now prefer to send exotic chocolates or a customised goodie box.

Getting clicked or sending invites now a days has become much more complicated than saying the marriage vows. (ANI)