Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Markets swarm with Diwali shoppers

Bhopal/ Jammu and Kashmir, Nov. 11 : Markets in Bhopal and Jammu and Kashmir swarmed with people shopping for electric lights, candles, earthern lamps and sweets on the occasion of Diwali.

Indians celebrate the festival by lighting lamps, bursting fire crackers and distributing sweets among loved ones.

In central Bhopal city, people shopped for items to decorate their homes.

“There is different feeling during festival. It feels good to come out and buy sweets, candles, lights and we make all these preparations for this occasion,” said a resident of central Bhopal city, Manju Sahani.

Hindus worship elephant god, Ganesha and goddess of wealth, Lakshmi and perform special prayers on the occasion.

Some residents in Jammu and Kashmir state vowed to go eco-friendly this season.

“We light candles and earthen lamps and celebrate Diwali. This year we will not burn crackers because we want the festival to be eco-friendly where we do not feel like polluting our earth,” said a resident, Bindiya, in Jammu city.

Legend says millions of lamps were lit when Lord Rama returned after 14 years of exile in forests after defeating Ravana. (ANI)