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Manipur entrepreneur Ranjit Meitei generating jobs for others

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Youth in Manipur are driven by a burning desire to become financially independent and make it big in life.

Forty-four-year-old Nongmaithem Ranjit Meitei is one such young entrepreneur from the state who is not just generating job opportunities for others, but is working towards protecting environment and promoting sports.

In 2012, he set up Malemnaganbi nursery at Kangla Sagomsang Chingkhong Village and started producing Pauwlonia Tree saplings.

It is popularly known as China Teak.

In a bid to protect environment and make people aware about benefits of planting trees, he started planting other plants like Yongchak, Citrus family, King Chilly and many other varieties.

He employs eight to ten workers who are happy for the opportunity to earn a decent living.

Kumudini, a worker attached with one of Meitei’s businesses, said, “I have been working here for the past two years. I am happily looking after my family.”

Boyai, a customer, said, “The nursery business is a profitable venture for the unemployed. Also, when we plant more trees it will help protect environment. People can easily get tree saplings from here.”

Since childhood Ranjit has been a sports enthusiast and has won several medals in national level cycling championships.

Meitei, who owns the Malemnaganbi Nursery, said, “Taking up such a work is very beneficial for our state and the country. I am a national level cyclist and had won gold medals in the National Games. Like me, there are a large number of players in the state. After giving up sports, they hardly do much work. If they start doing some work I believe they can do well. This will benefit the country and also save the environment.”

People like Ranjit are an inspiration for unemployed youth in Manipur and rest of the country to start their own work and generate employment for others. (ANI)