Tuesday , July 25 2017
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‘Man Tea’ a new storm in the tea cup for libido

A herbal product with a small amount of green tea, no sugar, no chemicals and preservatives. This one is for the guys.

A short write-up published in Times of India on Friday claim that this product is for men for their libido. No pleasure enhancers in this cuppa, it’s just a ‘male brew’ that aims to increase stamina and build muscle. After protein shakes and other power pick-me-ups, say hello to the new ‘Man Tea’.

It pumps up metabolism levels and help achieve robustness and tone body. It’s also said to increase digestive ability and thus reduce bloating. What’s more, as per a report, women can take it too, as it is a gentle beverage. There’s a lot happening in the world of pre-workout teas, with coffee and green tea said to be an ideal substances to consume before hitting a tough cardio workout. For gym-goers, will this be the new successor to the protein shake?