Wednesday , August 16 2017
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Man survives for 6 days by eating Ants in Desert

Reg Foggerdy, 62 year old Australian man was found alive by police on Tuesday after he survived for six days in the desert of Central Western Australia by eating black ants without having water.

Mr Reg Foggerdy, disappeared on Oct 7 heading to the Shooter’s Shack camp near Laverton in the West Australian Goldfields, some 950km north-east of Perth, on a hunting trip.

When he failed to return, family members raised the alarm and a search by police trackers who followed his foot prints for 15 kilometers from where he went missing.

He was found in an extremely dehydrated and delusional state. Goldfields Police Superintendent said that Foggerdy had been sitting under the same tree for the last two days, with no water during his ordeal.

A paramedic immediately gave Foggerdy intravenous fluid and he recovered quickly.

“The good news is he was sitting up and talking,” Superintendent Greatwood said.