Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Man emails talaaq to pregnant wife over her ‘dark-complexion’

A 26 year old woman has alleged that her husband sent a talaaq email after she told about her pregnancy.

According to a Times of India report, she was married to the man four months back and has alleged that he has sent talaaq email because she is dark-skinned.

The woman works as a research assistant in a pharmaceutical firm in Noida, said her software engineer husband had humiliated her for the colour of her skin on the first day of marriage.

The report further says that the man rejected allegations made by his wife and said he divorced her because of she suffers from serious health issues, which was concealed from his family at the time of marriage. The woman has rubbished the claim.

“From the start, he was indifferent to me and, on several occasions, verbally abused and slapped me,” the daily quoted the woman, as saying.

“His family saw me before marriage. If he had a problem with the colour of my skin, he should have refused to marry me,” she said.

The families came into contact through a wedding portal in March and the wedding happened in Jamshedpur, the woman’s home town. They then moved to Bangalore, where her husband is based, the report said.