Friday , May 26 2017
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Man claims Superstar Chiranjeevi as his Biological Father

A man named Sujith alias Ravinder went up to State Human Rights Commission claiming himself as the eldest son of the Telugu film industry’s most respected megastar Chiranjeevi.

A native of Karimnagar district, Ravinder said that he was separated from his parents due to trafficking. He said ,“Due to their selfis attitude, they gave me away to a woman name Rajyalakshmi, who is looking after me now.”

He also he was with his parents Chiranjeevi and Surekha, along with Allu Aravind and Nirmala.

He claimed that he acted in the lead role in the movie Pasivadi Pranam, which released in 1987 acting as a girl called Sujitha.

Ravinder said, “Recently I saw the movie and was shocked. Though I acted in the lead role, I was not allowed to watch the movie and they spread the news that a girl Sujitha had acted in the role, which is false. I am ready to take a DNA test also.”

However HRC hasn’t confirmed the facts yet if they accept the plea of Sujith then, HRC would call on an investigation against the actor in no time.