Friday , July 21 2017
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Man buys 45,000 pounds helicopter to prove girlfriend wrong

London: A Scottish man accidentally bought a helicopter on eBay for 45,000 pounds to prove a point to his girlfriend.

Callum Duff pressed the ‘buy’ button by mistake while trying to prove to his girlfriend Rachel Hunter that he could buy a chopper online.

“While arguing with the missus I claimed that I do what I want and told her if I wanted to buy a helicopter on eBay then I would,” he said.

“She told me you can’t get helicopters on eBay so I proved her wrong,” Duff was quoted as saying by

Hoping to pay for his blooper, Duff, who hails from the market town of Dumfries, has now set up a crowdfunding page to pay for the Enstrom Shark 280F but has only managed to raise 10 pounds.

He said he set up the GoFundMe crowdfunding page called ‘Accidental Helicopter Purchase’ as a joke with friends but added that the money will go to a charity of his choosing.

After realising his mistake, Duff sent a message to the seller, saying ‘Sorry, I hit the wrong button, did not mean to buy your helicopter’.