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Mamata ‘don’t be a third rate politician, be magnanimous and dignified’: CPI

New Delhi:Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D. Raja on Wednesday said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s tirade against the Left, was a reflection of her being a third rate politician.

Cautioning her to speak in a magnanimous and dignified way, he told ANI here, “After all, she is the chief minister of the state, and not just a third rate politician of a political party. Whatever she says, it should be in a very more political, magnanimous and dignified way. I hope she understands this, and instead of hurling abuses at Left, filthy language, she can choose good Bengali words.”

Raja said that Mamata should not take the people of West Bengal for granted, as they have supported the Left Front for more than three decades.

“Mamata Banerjee should understand that the same people can turn against Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress at any point of time. So, in a democracy, we should not take our people for granted. I hope Mamata Banerjee understands this,” said Raja.

“And, we know how to regain our support in Bengal, how to reach out to the people and how to win their confidence back. And, the people of Bengal are already on their way towards the Left, and we hope the people of Bengal will give their support in the coming days, so that Bengal remains a state where the rule of law is respected, where autocracy is not allowed, but democratic norms and conventions are respected and allowed,” he added.

Addressing a mammoth martyr’s day rally in Kolkata yesterday, Mamata virtually kicked-off her campaign for the 2016 assembly polls by throwing an open challenge to the CPI-M, BJP and the Congress to unseat her party if they could.

“The Communists have been taken care of in Bengal. It is time for them to wear lipstick and sit quiet. Our target is Delhi now. The Trinamool Congress will take the fight to Delhi against the Central Government,” she said.

The TMC supremo also lashed out at the ruling BJP at the Centre, saying they were trying to spread the seeds of communalism, but would not be able to divide Bengal on communal line.

Mamata claimed that the 2016 assembly polls will create a new record in electoral history, as the Trinamool Congress will sweep them. (ANI)