Thursday , July 27 2017
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Maintain communal harmony for Punjab’s prosperity: Badal

Chandigarh: Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today sought people’s cooperation to maintain peace and communal harmony in Punjab for propelling growth and development in the state.

In a message addressed to all Punjabis on Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR), the Chief Minister said that it had ever been his sacred duty to preserve peace and communal harmony in the state as he firmly believed that the process of development, progress and prosperity was not at all feasible without it.

The CM said,”We have always followed the policy to cooperate and respect everyone and would follow the same in future too.”

He further said that unwarranted confrontation was never had been a part of his nature and stated,”Punjab belongs to all of us and we all belong to Punjab.”

The Chief Minister said that to usher in a congenial atmosphere of peace, amity, love, unity and communal harmony was their priority, and policy as preached by the Great Gurus, Saints, Seers and Prophets on this sacred land.

Badal further reminded that all Punjabis had faced a traumatic period for long time “when our traditional atmosphere of harmony and brotherhood was exploited to the hilt.”

Several conspiracies were hatched in those times to divide the people on sectarian lines.

The Chief Minister said that we made stupendous efforts to take Punjab to the new heights of glory.

In fact the Punjab has become a leading state in the country in different sectors namely viz., Agriculture, Power Generation, Health, Education and Infrastructure development.

The congenial atmosphere of the state and industrial friendly attitude has forced not only Indian but International Business tycoons also to invest in the state, he said.

This was evident from the recently concluded Global Progressive Punjab Investment Summit.

Badal further said that however some anti-Punjab elements could not digest all this and they were hell bent upon to de-track the ongoing process of development and growth in Punjab.