Friday , August 18 2017
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UP Madrassa to teach Constitution Of India

When BJP-led Maharashtra government decided to derecognize Madrassa education, the UP Madrassa Education Board (UPMEB) announced the inclusion of Muslim personal law and Constitution of India to strengthen the educational institution of the minority community.

This is the first time two new subjects in Muslim Personal Law and the Constitution of India will be taught to students in more than 3,500 madrassas across the state in which nearly 3.5 lakh students study.

Meerut-based Shiksha Parishad Qazi Zainus Sajidin, Chairman (UPMEB) said, the course will be taught in Urdu, to students in academic session 2015-16 in the Kamil Arbi and Kamil Parsi classes.

A proposal to this effect would be brought about in a meeting of the board in next week. The whole idea is to educate and familiarized the future ulemas the complexities of the Constitution and the personal law, he said.

This can be considered to be a mind changing concept for people who often associate madrassas as offering an “education in terrorism”, said Sajidin on comments of BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj.