Thursday , July 27 2017
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Luxembourg not to ban Veil

Luxembourg: People choosing to wear the veil as an expression of their faith may do so freely under Luxembourg law now and for the foreseeable future, the country’s Justice Minister Felix Braz has confirmed.

Luxembourg is a tiny European country, bordered by Belgium, France and Germany.

Felix Braz Minister of Justice said that there currently exists no national law banning on wearing the full veil in public in Luxembourg nor are their plans to legislate on the matter, Luxemburger Wort reported.

The decision came after came Christian Social People’s Party (CSV) pressurises the govt to ban the wearing of the veil in public places, as has been done in France and Belgium.

According to the Luxembourg Shoura, a federation of Islamic faith communities, 16 women in Luxembourg currently wear the niqab, a partial veil, and it is thought that no-one wears the full body and face covering known as the burqa.

Shoura member Mondher Labidi said “We have explained the Prime Minister that Niqab wearing women pose no danger and that their attire is not an attack on the freedom of others, but a way of expressing their faith, so need not be ban.”